6Whips - Distinctive Elegance, Superb Quality

6Whips name is well known in the community, offering a wide range of handmade leather goods. We make a variety of exquisitely handcrafted leather impact toys (floggers for all sensations, whips, paddles, staps,, bondage goodies (cuffs, collars, hogties, blindfolds), and more! With a strong focus on making quality leather pieces which are both well constructed & beautifully designed, 6Whips has something for every desire. 


All of our floggers are carefully counterbalanced, tipped at the ends of each fall, and tightly braided in a variety of design option with matching turks or pineapple knots. We offer an array of sensations from soft deer, moderate suede's & leathers, thud moose and bison, and stingy options too.


Impact Toys
Our impact toys come in all shapes and sizes from out mini derringer paddles to our large 16" option. There are a variety of sensations to choose from with our paddles offer more overall thud and our straps, tawse and bites a bit more sting. Always burnished, dyed, sewn and finished to perfection.


Cuffs, Collars, Hogties and more all handmade with your choice of matching colour, stitching and finish. With lined and non lined collar option, different front finishes, and padded or more solid cuffs to suit every preference. Your sure to find something in our bondage collection.


Leather Mop Flogger Bull Hide Tipped Flogger Red Lined Collar with D Ring & Locking Buckle Red Soft Padded Leather Cuffs (Wrist or Ankle)
Leather Mop Flogger
Our Price: $170.00
Bull Hide Tipped Flogger
Our Price: $195.00
Red Leather Shirt Collar Pink Lined Collar with D Ring & Locking Buckle Red Lined Collar with Horizontal D Ring & Locking Buckle Black Leather Cat Mask
Red Leather Shirt Collar
Our Price: $60.00
Black Leather Cat Mask
Our Price: $45.00