6whips.com offers the very best in whips, floggers, restraints, and accessories. Using only the finest leathers and materials, we create distinctive pieces that are both beautiful and pleasurable to use time and again.

Leather FloggerEach of our floggers are individually handcrafted from start to finish using only the highest quality materials and creating the greatest impact, both visually and physically for each of our customers.

We do not use garment leathers which can stretch and curl over time, but believe in providing our customer with a lasting piece which will be an enjoyment to own and to use for years to come. Steel Handle Flogger

All out floggers are also carefully counterweighted ensuring a comfortable yet solid presence in the hand and a smooth swing every time and each handle loop is stiched providing a finsihing touch for each piece


We stand behind our floggers and provide quality pieces for all levels from beginner to pro.


Recently Added / New Items

Red Pistolgrip Steel FloggerRed and Black Plaited Premium Flogger

White and Black Plaited Premium FloggerLime Green Patent FloggerRed Wrapped Leather Flogger


Recent Customer Reviews


Great craftsmanship.....get one!!! will last a long time.

Great gift for someone who loves floggers. Craftmanship was top notch and quality of materials and the creativity put into making this product was a cut above the rest. Communication with seller and artisan was simple and effective, custom work at retail prices. I look forward to ordering my next flogger from 6WHIPS.

Got this (the mini) as a gift for my boyfriend, and he has been having a grand old time using it on me. It's a nice size, weight, and balance. Feels nice on the skin, moderate sting. A really nice addition to our collection.